Looney Bird’s is a HOT, new Family Entertainment Center concept that has been developed by Aaron Fechter, developer of the animatronic entertainment,  and Scott and Ti Somerville, developers of the second Looney Bird’s for New Orleans, LA.

This lucrative family entertainment center business is currently dominated by the company that Aaron Fechter co-founded in 1979, Chuck E. Cheese’s.  CEC, Inc. is so successful that they have bought back many franchises and refuses to sell any more.

The Looney Bird’s concept is significantly more interactive than Chuck E. Cheese’s for children’s birthday parties and family entertainment, featuring high quality animatronic shows in the spirit of those Aaron designed in the 80’s for Showbiz Pizza Place.  Other entertainment options are wonderfully integrated into the entertainment mix such as Karaoke for children, Group Dances for all ages, and children’s talent shows, all to the delight of their parents.

Looney Bird's is not available as a franchise yet.  In fact, the only way to start your own Looney Bird's at this time is to start an independent entertainment center using our consulting services, names, trademarks, entertainment packages and lots of your own footwork that ordinarily would come with a franchise system.  However, we aren't charging a franchise fee or a royalty yet.  This will come when we feel we are ready to offer Looney Bird's as a package, and not until several more independent developers, such as Jeff Wall, and Scott and Ti Somerville have built their independent centers.

One advantage to you at this time, is that you will be allowed to try your own ideas and adopt any of ours that you like.  Then, later when we have put together a franchise system, you will be allowed the option of joining the franchise system or staying independent, depending on the benefits you perceive from either approach. You may even be part of the corporate franchise system if you would like to be involved in the expansion of Looney Bird's nationally.

So, the question is, are you ready to do a lot of your own homework and put together your own business plan?  The questions you will have putting this together will be what you use our consulting services for.  We will provide the entertainment equipment and signage, and  consulting with regards to menu, construction, etc.